Down Under Art Studio is my brick-n-mortar shop located in historic downtown Portsmouth, NH.  You will enjoy walking through the winding streets of this vintage seaport.  For more than 100 years, even before the Revolutionary War, Portsmouth was a hub of shipbuilding and commerce. John Paul Jones lived here fitting out his famous ‘sloop of war’ Ranger and returned to supervise the building of ‘America’, the only Man-of-War built for the Colonials.

I’ve created a number of historic art motifs as well as sculptures inspired by the maritime.  Portaits are also a love of mine.  Interpeting the personality of an individuals from life, in a one to one sitting, is a passion of mine.     

For our internet friends, using the new processes, such as giclee printing, we are able to provide decorative ‘canvas prints’ of my original artworks, at very reasonable prices. In these cases you are able to order directly from one of our providers, such as, ‘fine art america’ who have already uploaded the images from my files.

‘Down Under Art Studio’ is named for our location, on the lower level, of the beautifully restored Ben Franklin Block Building.  Situated in the heart of the old town, it is next to the walking street, Vaughan Mall (parking lot adjoining, $1 per hour).

Lots to do and see in a very short walk.  Please let me know if you would like to come, visit and discuss your next Art purchase or arrange for lessons.

Enjoy your day, Bill Osmundsen


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